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Easiest way to understand how the Ethereum Smart Contract work

Ethereum is one the fastest growing block chain with ever growing eco-system. It's beautiful in that, unlike Bitcoin, it's not just a currency, it's a complete platform for Decentralized Application (Dapp). Ethereum as currency just being one of the many application of the platform. Sheer enthusiasm about this currency in recent times has caused emergence of tonnes of technologies around it. Once you start reading about ethereum you will be hit by technical Jargons at 1 jargon per minute speed. Hence, this article is an attempt to help you visualize one aspect of the Ethereum system, ie. how smart contract work. Imagine you want to create a bank where users can manage their accounts. Also, any other third party bank should be able to integrate with your super awesome bank. So, you create a following piece of code. class Bank{     Map<String, Double> accountMap;     public void transferTo(String accountNumber, double amount){         double balance =