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Map External Domain name to S3 Bucket

Though it sounds very straight forward to map domain names from the likes to godaddy to AWS S3 bucket, trust me it's not. Following are the steps to do this mapping (assuming the domain name is Create a bucket called It's mandatory to have bucket name exactly same as domain name. Create a hosted zone in Route53 : Add A record in the hosted zone. Keep name same as domain name Check the Yes option for Alias In the alias Target select your bucket name (it takes few seconds to load bucket names) Click Save Recordset Go to your domain provider site. Go to NS (name server section). Click add NS record Add all records from Route53 Hosted zone, NS records section to above mentioned section That's all you need to do to map bucket with a external domain name. If you also want to redirect subdomain like www to  base domain, just add a bucket with same name. And mark it as Redirect bucket in the bucket hosting properties