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Intelli J Idea Tricks n Tips

Switch Function key of your mac or windows machine, so that you don’t have to press function key while using F1, F2. Search : File Search: Cmd + Shft + O Text search in whole project : Cmd + Shft + F Search settings, commands : Cmd + Shft + A    ( Brahmastra ) Navigation : Disable tabs. We don’t need it. Recent files: Cmd + E.  Last accessed file, Cmd + E + Enter Recently edited files: Cmd + Shft + E Browse backward / forward in history: Cmd + [    OR Cmd + ] Project Window Toggle: Alt + 1 In project window setting Autoscroll from source Open a selected file from project window: F4 Create new file: Ctr + Alt + N Hide all windows except Code editor:  Cmd + Shft + F12 Toggle Terminal: Cmd + F12 Find implementation of any method: Cmd + Alt + F8 Find usages: Cmd + F7   OR   Cmd + B Remove navigation bar, from View menu. Code Editor : Move code up or down: Alt + Shft + Up / down Duplicate a line : Cmd + D Delete Line :