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The Great Gradle Cheat Sheet

This article intend to work as a gradle in nutshell. I will try to keep it as concise as possible while trying to touch as many frequently used gradle operations as possible. Task Chain task compile { doLast { println 'compiling source' } } task compileTest(dependsOn: compile) { doLast { println 'compiling unit tests' } } # gradle compileTest Above command will execute "compile" task first and then compileTest. Excluding Tasks with -x #gradle compileTest -x compile Abbreviating task names by camel initials #gradle compileTest #gradle ct   Running subproject #gradle -p subdir compileTest Listing all tasks #gradle -q tasks List project dependencies #gradle -q dependencies Listing build script dependencies gradle buildEnvironment List project properties gradle -q properties Profiling build operation gradle build --profile Above command generates nice report about time taken in